Common Eye Make Up Mistakes

Eye make up can really transform a person’s overall look. However, that doesn’t mean just applying eye make up for the sake of applying it. I’ve seen many girls wear eye make up the wrong way where it’s actually taking away from their features rather than enhancing it. Are you making some of the common eye make up mistakes? Take a look below to find out.

Eye make up should follow a hierarchy – Mascara, Eyeliner, Eye Shadow. What this means is that, don’t apply eye shadow unless you’re doing eyeliner, and don’t apply eyeliner unless you’re doing mascara. If you only have time for one, apply mascara only.

The order of application is the inverse of the hierarchy above – Eye Shadow, Eyeliner and Mascara. If you plan to do all three, start with eye shadow, then do your eyeliner and seal the deal with mascara.


Before dabbling into other eye make up, first learn to apply mascara correctly. Mascara completely transforms the face by making your eyes look brighter and wider. When wearing mascara, it should look like mascara has actually been applied. I’ve seen too many instances of girls putting on mascara only to look as if they have no mascara on. I’m not saying it should look clumpy, but don’t be afraid to spend a few minutes on it to get the perfect curl, volume and length.

Unless you have naturally curly lashes, you must curl your lashes. Curling your lashes typically takes 30 seconds. First curl at the base of the lash and hold for about 5-10 seconds, and then take your eyelash curler to the halfway point of your lash and curl again and hold for 5-10 seconds.

Once your eyelashes are curled, apply mascara by starting at the base of your lash and moving upwards in a zig zag motion. Do this in the center, inner corner and outer corner of your lashes. Repeat a few times until you see a noticeable difference in your lashes. This gives you the added volume and length – the whole reason mascara was invented. I usually do about 3 coats.

how to apply mascara

Notice how the mascara here gives the eyelashes volume and length. The eyelashes are properly coated with mascara here. Source:

For everyday wear, I use Maybelline’s Volum’ Express Falsies. When I really want more drama without the added fuss of falsies, I finish off the look by adding a coat of MAC’s Zoom Lash.


If you apply eyeliner and then apply mascara where it doesn’t even look like you have mascara on, the eyeliner will stand out – and not in a good way.

Eyeliner brightens up eye but can also help with making your eyes look bigger, smaller or longer – depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. To apply eyeliner, I recommend you start at the end and move inwards. Ensure your eyeliner is thicker on the outer edge and get’s gradually thinner as you move in. I’ve seen way too many girls apply a thick consistent line all the way across which does nothing for your features. For beginners, you can skip the wing. It’s important to first perfect the thicker to gradually thinner look.


Notice how the eyeliner is thicker on the outer edge and thinner as you come in. Source:

For small eyes, don’t line your eyes all the way – end at around half way of your eye lid. For bigger eyes, line all the way to the inner corner at the top and bottom to make your eyes appear smaller. For beginners, I recommend using a brush with an applicator tip like Revlon’s Color Stay Eyeliner below.

Revlon Color Stay Liquid Liner

This kind of tip gives you more control versus the eyeliners with the thin paint brush applicators. Source:

Eye Shadow

Unless you’re doing a matte black smokey eye, when applying eye shadow, you need a minimum of three colours. A base color that’s typically light or neutral all over the eyelid, followed by a darker color in the crease and a highlight color on the inner crease of the eye and along the brow bone for highlight. Applying eye shadow correctly adds depth and character to your face. Where as simply applying one color all over the eye does nothing and you’re better off focusing on mascara and eyeliner. Applying a slightly darker color to the crease really makes the eyes stand out.

Applying a light shimmer color in the inner corner makes your eyes appear bigger. If you have bigger eyes and want them to appear smaller, skip the highlight on the inner corner.



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