The Banglez Experience

Banglez is a cute little Indian jewelry shop in the suburb of Oakville, located a little outside of Toronto, run by a  young couple, Malinda and Hardip.

When you walk in, your eyes are immediately drawn to the Banglez Bar, where there’s literally an entire wall of gorgeous, colourful bangles. As you make your way to the bar, the opposite walls are filled with bridal and party wear sets. In additional to bangles, they sell necklaces, earrings, bracelets, headpieces and other accessories. Don’t see something you like? Have something in mind? They do custom orders. Like something, but want something changed? They can do that too!



I was asked by Malinda from Banglez to come in, play dress up and she even offered to build me a custom piece. For those who don’t have the time to make the trip down, they also offer virtual consultations. Prior to sitting down for my consultation, I first wanted to see their existings collections where I could draw some inspiration from. I completely fell in love with their thread work collection. How beautiful are these earrings?


I also loved their use of non traditional, muted stones such as jade green and soft pink pastels combined with traditional goldware elements.


Blame it on the crisp air, changing leaves and pumpkin spice everything, but I was constantly drawn to the darker green shades.


I decided that for my custom Banglez piece, I wanted a necklace. I tried on a few necklaces to determine what size would suit me the best. As I have a small neck, the larger necklaces weren’t sitting right, so it took a bit of trial and error to figure out what size would look best. And hey, I also put on a nath…because what’s the point of seeing all this gorgeous jewelry if you can’t play dress up…am I right?


We then brought some pieces to the wooden table and sat down and discussed what I wanted. I wanted a necklace that could be worn with Western and Eastern clothing, so we discussed how we could incorporate a rustic silver into my piece.

banglez banglez


Et Voilà! The final piece. As it was around my birthday, they even threw in two pairs of earrings! The plain green drop earrings allow me to wear this necklace with more Western wear, while the traditional gold stone earrings allow me to dress up this piece with traditional Indian clothing.


banglez banglez banglez

Glam by Deepa Berar

deepa berar

I met Deepa Berar through a South Asian Bloggers network. Although I hadn’t met her in person, I had been following along on her adventures on social media. She was in a long distance marriage, going back and forth between Toronto and California, had struggled with Alopecia, is on a mission to make working out a healthy habit and is a television make up artist. The funny thing about blogging is that you meet people virtually, but you don’t always get to connect in person. I soon discovered that she lived close to me and decided to connect with her to see if she wanted to do a collaboration. Read More

Family Day at Terre Bleu

This past Sunday, we visited Ontario’s largest lavender farm, located just 45 minutes west of Toronto in Campbelville. It was a hot, sunny day and the lavenders have begun blooming. All in all we had a lovely visit. Keep reading for highlights of my visit and what to expect if you’re headed to Terre Bleu.

terre bleu

Terre Bleu is home to English and French Lavender plants. English lavender plants are shorter and a more vibrant purple colour, while French lavender is taller and a more subtle purple colour. Peak blooming season for lavender is July/August and lasts about 4 weeks. When I went, the English lavenders were in full bloom, however the French lavender hadn’t bloomed yet. Unfortunately, as per a staff member, there isn’t a time where both are in bloom simultaneously.

terre bleu

To enter, you have to pay admission. In high season, on weekends, adults are $20, kids 12 & under are $15 and kids under 2 are free. Once you’ve paid your admission, there’s a short wait to enter a tent where you’re advised of the farm’s rules and a viewing of a quick 3 minute orientation video. After that, you’re free to roam the the grounds. Guided tours that are included in the price of admission are available and occur every hour on the half hour after the first tour of the day. Tours generally start around 11:30am.

The first thing you’ll see when you walk the grounds is the shop where they sell their homemade lavender ice cream, lemonade sprinkled with some fresh lavender and lavender goodies available for purchase. For the less avid lavender fans, there’s vanilla chocolate chip ice cream as well.

terre bleu

Right ahead of you is the first field, filled with beautiful English lavender, filling the air with a subtle fragrant scent. Attention migraine sufferers, I’m prone to migraines and I didn’t find the scent overwhelming at all.

terre bleu

As you walk further down, you can choose to continue your journey to the left, where you’ll find the Apiary (if bees are your thing), Distillery (where they make their lavender oil) and Herb Bar where you can enjoy some mocktails.  Or you can choose to carry on to the right, which leads you to their famous Yellow Door.

terre bleu

You can see horses all along the property and are welcome to pet them, as long as you’re given the go ahead. To the right of the first lavender field that greets you when you walk in, there’s an equestrian demonstration ring. Parked infront of the demonstration ring is a giant white bench to hang out on for your viewing, chilling and photo op pleasure.

I got two cute pictures before she quickly hopped off and ran away.

terre bleu

terre bleu

Past the equestrian demonstration ring, there’s a path called the Yellow Bench Trail which leads you to the famous Yellow door and an extra 20,000 lavender plants. On a hot day, the Yellow Bench Trail is a nice welcome as it’s in a heavily wooded area, giving you plenty of shade to cool off.terre bleu

terre bleu

Right before you enter the other lavender field, you’ll find a cute yellow bench nestled in the 200 year old cedar forest. I tried to get a cute family picture on the bench, but my daughter wasn’t having any of it.

terre bleu terre bleu

Ziana had a great time running up and down the fields. She even got up close and personal to a few plants too. Honeybees were swarming around, and although I’m usually terrified of bees, they weren’t a bother at all. They were busy pollinating these beautiful plants. Infact, after learning about how bees are slowly becoming extinct and how important they are to our planet, I’m learning to grow less scared of them and become more fond of them. Wasps on the other hand – ARE ANOTHER STORY!

terre bleu terre bleu terre bleu

We spent about 20 minutes in the other field and lined up to take a picture with the yellow door, but it was too outside to wait. Although the line up itself wasn’t long, it goes slowly as everyone wants that perfect pic for the GRAM – can’t say I blame them! My daughter was clearly uncomfortable and we were running out of water, so I thought it was best to skip the yellow door picture and do it another time.

We then headed back to the entrance and enjoyed some of Terre Bleu’s home made lavender ice cream and cooled off with refreshing lemonade.

terre bleu

My husband took a huge bite out of my ice cream before I could take a proper pic – of course!

The grounds are lovely but with the lack of shaded areas on such a hot day, we were there for about 2 hours. Due to the heat, we didn’t explore all the grounds and skipped the apiary, herb bar and distillery. With an admission price of $20 per person, it’s quite steep, but on a less hot day, it would be absolutely lovely.  Given the fact that peak blooming season is during the hottest times of the year, I would have preferred to do a visit later in the evening, however they are only open from 11am to 5pm.

If you’re headed to Terre Bleu, pack on the sunscreen, spray some bug spray, wear a hat and bring plenty of water. We went through 3 litres of water during our short visit! You can even pack a small picnic lunch to enjoy on the grounds if you like.

Despite the heat, lack of shaded areas and hefty admission price, it really is lovely what they’re creating here. Terre Bleu began it’s journey in 2011, starting off with 10,000 lavender plants and now it’s home to over 40,000 and they’re just getting started. It’s like a little taste of Provence, just outside of Toronto. Have you ever been to Terre Bleu, how did you like it? Are you planning on making a visit this summer?

How To Find The Right Foundation

how to find the right foundation

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve recently been in the market for a new foundation. I’m an Indian girl with a yellow undertone and am most recently switching from full coverage to light coverage foundation. Despite all the efforts from brands to become more inclusive with their shade range, there is still a LONG way to go, especially for us Tinted girls! After a thorough search and trying out over a dozen foundations, I was finally able to find the right one. Based on my experience, I decided to write a guide on how to find the right foundation. Keep reading to see what you can do to find the right foundation for you. Read More

Your Guide To Coachella

a guide to coachella

After all that planning, Coachella came in and went and I’m having some serious withdrawals. I love going to concerts, but this was my first festival of 3 days of non stop concerts – a music lovers dream. It is however a lot of ground to cover, loads of people and can be a hassle, which is why I’ve put together a guide to Coachella. Whether you’re planning to go for the first time, go back for a return visit or just out of sheer curiosity, I’m putting together some tips so you can maximize and fully enjoy your Coachella experience. Read More