Daddy Daughter Photoshoot Highlights

Although my husband likes to think he’s a simple man (it’s quite possible at one point he was), after 6 years of marriage to me, he’s become very picky with gifts. In fact, earlier this year, he kept heckling me about the lack of imagination with my gifts and how it’s becoming so predictable – shoes, clothes, accessories. Ummm…have you seen how tall this man his? He despises shopping malls (10 minutes into shopping and his eyes are like a sad, lost puppy), and it’s very rare something off the rack actually fits him, yet I still scour through whatever selection I have and manage to find him clothes that FIT (could he be less appreciative…sheesh)! Ok, rant over and back to my point.

With Akhil’s first Father’s Day fast approaching, I wanted something thoughtful, tasteful and one that he would not be able to predict. He’s a difficult man to please, so the cliche type of gifts such as mugs or key chains were out the window (unless of course Ziana herself were to purchase it and pick it out, but that’s a couple of years away). I kept going back and fourth with many options and sought the advice of friends and family. Then, one day, he was taking a picture of me and Ziana (as the doting Instagram Husband he is) and muttered under his breathe how I get all the cute pictures with her and I suck at taking pics of him. That’s when I decided that I’d gift him a daddy daughter photoshoot, styled by me!

As we were preparing for the photoshoot, discussing potential dates and locations, he made it clear that in no way possible were there to be any pics of me and Ziana and he’ll throw me a bone and allow me to be in a couple of family pictures. This man meant business!

I gave him two options – matching raptors jerseys or a more classic alternative, where we all wear white and Ziana has a cute little flower crown. As he wanted something evergreen to remember the first celebration of him becoming a father, he settled on the latter. We decided to take pictures at a classic Mississauga landmark, Kariya Park.

A big thank you to Canan Studio for capturing my family so beautifully. There were so many great pictures to choose from, but I narrowed it down to some of my favourites. They just made my heart melt and I couldn’t help but share. I hope you enjoy them!


Belly Bandit In Review

belly bandit review

I think most women agree, that one of their main concerns when they get pregnant, asides from a health pregnancy and baby, is getting their body back and hoping we don’t get the dreaded ‘Mummy Tummy’. Before getting pregnant, I had heard about belly binding or “wrapping” techniques postpartum that Asian and French women have been swearing by for centuries. Belly wrapping can be done using corsets, wraps, compression garments, soft muslin shawls, you name it. The theory behind this technique is that, during pregnancy, a woman’s organs and muscles shift and expand to make room for a baby, and belly wrapping encourages your muscles and organs to go back to they way they used to be as soon as possible. Post labour and delivery, your organs are swollen and this is supposed to help bring the swelling down. It is recommended to begin wrapping immediately and continue to do so daily until 6-8 weeks post partum for best results. Read More

#Views From Motherhood

Years of celebrating incredible women such as my mom, my grandma, my sister and most recently my mother in law, I have finally joined the troop of mothers as I celebrate my first Mother’s Day today. Today marks me being a mother for 5 months and 2 days (I know, I’m such a veteran). Now, I could say I need no gift, and that Ziana’s love, health and happiness is plenty (which it is and my utmost priority), but it doesn’t hurt to have yet another day to be spoiled and another excuse for a gift for all the things I so desperately need (my Lust List keeps expanding).

Shortly after becoming a mom, I learned that there’s something called a “mommy cult”. Read More

Saris, Lenghas & Baby Bumps – The Hindu Goddess Edition

hindu goddess maternity shoot

I still remember being at the grocery store with my mom and seeing Demi Moore gracing the cover of Vanity Fair in 1991 in the magazine stands at the checkout counter. Despite being a tender age of 7 years old, I remember thinking how beautiful she looked. While it received some backlash from critics, it started a revolution amongst pregnant women and changed the beauty landscape when it came to maternity photography. Many celebrities followed suit, most notably, Cindy Crawford on the cover of W Magazine in 1999 and Claudia Schiffer on Vogue’s cover in 2010. Read More

How To Keep Cool In This Hot Real Estate Market

Let’s be honest, with the rising prices of real estate, a thought that has crossed many people’s minds is, “How will I ever afford a place of my own?”

There are many people who are still waiting for the “bubble” to crash and refuse to commit to buying a place. I’m sure that if you’re one of them, prices have continued to increase while you’ve been waiting. As an investment professional and a person who follows the real estate market closely, I always tell friends and family (especially those looking to buy their first home) that if you plan to live in a particular area, it will be a market adjustment and your home value will increase again commensurate with the cost of living- even if the market “crashes”. Read More