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With the surge of beauty bloggers and international make up artists inspiring us on social media, getting your make up done is no longer reserved for red carpet events. People are now finding any excuse to get glam, because life is too short to be basic. Be it a wedding, a Christmas party or a birthday, people are choosing to find any excuse to get dolled up – as you should! But finding a good make up artist can be a nerve wrecking experience, which is why I’ve decided to give you a glam guide, where I feature Toronto’s best make up artists. But finding a make up artist can be a nerve wrecking experience, which is why I’ve created a guide to feature Toronto’s best make up artists and its surrounding areas.I’ve been indulging in make up for over 15 years now and consider myself to have pretty advanced skills. As a result, when it comes to getting my make up done, I’m very picky. It takes REAL talent to do a better job than I can on myself. I also have a keen eye for real artistry skills versus those who are simply a make up artist by label.

That’s why, over the course of my blog, I’ve decided to hand pick talented make up artists in the Greater Toronto Area to bring you BeautyCubed Approved make up artists. Under the Beauty > Make Up section in my menu of my blog, there is a sub menu labelled, “Make Up Artists“, where I will post my experience and before and after pictures of these hand picked make up artists. This will give you a source for make up artists by region, if you are ever in the market for one.

But why use my reviews when all these make up artists have websites and Instagram profiles that you can browse through?

  1. There are hundreds of thousands of make up artists out there to choose from. I will help narrow down your choices by bringing you only those that are BeautyCubed Approved.
  2. I won’t pick my artists based on how big their social media profile is. If I see talent, regardless of social media following, I will feature them.
  3. Quality Control – it’s often hard to see the quality of work if the picture is of poor quality. I will ensure high resolution pictures to ensure you have the right tools to make your decision.
  4. Make Up is NOT a one size fits all – by using the same canvas (my face) to show case various make up artists, you’ll have the ability to see which make up artist’s style you like most. Some make up artists specialize in heavy glam, while others do a more natural look. You’ll be able to have one point of reference to clearly see the differences in their styles.

If you, or you know anyone who would be interested in getting featured, contact me.


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