Photoshop is Evil

Recently, alleged before pictures of Kim Kardashian’s “Break the Internet” cover photo went viral. Untouched vs. Retouched images below.  You can click on the image to see a bigger picture:

kim-unretouched (1)

We all know that the retouched version is definitely photshopped, however I highly doubt that the untouched version is real as well.

Nevertheless, it does go to show the power of Photoshop. Photoshop can take an image from the right and make it look like the one on the left.  It’s possible that with certain angles and lighting, she does look like the untouched version, but any good photographer such as Jean-Paul Goude, knows the right lighting and angles to achieve a desired silhouette.  As a result, I think that the real original photo is a cross between the two.  As a woman, I can tell you that the untouched version is definitely more realistic.  If you look at Kim Kardashian’s leaked nude selfies on Celeb Jihad (link provided below), you’ll see that her waist is definitely not as small.  I believe that the touch-ups from the TRUE original untouched photo versus the retouched, the graphic artist responsible for photoshopping likely made her waist much smaller, to accent a more exaggerated hour glass figure. The front of her stomach was also taken in to appear flatter. It’s no secret that she has a big derrière, but it isn’t that round.   When standing on an angle, your bum usually doesn’t look that symmetrically round, so that was retouched to provide more symmetry.  Lastly, things such a stretch marks and cellulite we’re retouched for a perfectly even finish.

I’ve provided a link to a website where celebrities’ cell phones have been hacked for their nude selfies, linking directly to Kim Kardashian’s.  View at your own discretion, but hey, I’m a woman, and it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.  If anything, it just goes to show you that celebrities are just as human as we are.

We all know that photoshop is evil, but it’s incredible how we never cease to be amazed at how evil it really is every time we see before and afters.  It’s like a woman who forgets the pain of labour after giving birth, we too are desensitized to photoshopped images.  We’ll see before and afters and be reminded how ridiculous these magazine images are, but days later, we’ll see a magazine image and can’t help but compare ourselves to it.

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