Eye Cream 101

Eye Cream is an essential part of your daily skin care routine.  The skin around your eyes is very thin and delicate, making it the most susceptible to aging. It is recommended that you start using eye cream at 25 years old.  It’s important to prevent aging before it happens, so if you haven’t started using eye cream and you’re over 25, I suggest you go out and invest in one RIGHT NOW! If you don’t know wear to begin, fear not, I’ve recommended some of my faves for veterans and even some eye cream for beginners.

Eye cream should be applied twice daily, using your ring finger, gently dabbing it around your eyes. Finding the right eye cream is unique to each person – based on the problems they’d like to address, skin type, etc.  Some people may want to address dark circles, others puffiness.  For myself, personally, my biggest concern is fine lines (unfortunately this is hereditary).

There are so many eye creams out there and I know it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which one to buy.  I recommend going to Sephora.  A skin care agent can recommend eye creams based on your budget and concerns.  You don’t have to commit right away.  You can always get a few samples, try it out and then buy.  I find that you can notice if an eye cream is working for you within a week.

Below I review some eye creams I’ve tried along the way in chronological order.

Clinique All About Eyes

Clinique All About Eyes

I know a lot of people who love Clinique’s eye cream, but for me personally I found it made no difference to the appearance of my eyes.  I tried this out around 25 years old and found Dermaglow to be more effective.

AMOREPACIFIC Rejuvenating Eye Treament Gel


This is excellent at waking up your eyes, helping with puffiness and dark circles, but not so much fine lines.  It is slightly better than Dermaglow’s eye cream, however given the price difference, I thought Dermaglow was a better value.  Although Dermaglow was my go to eye cream for years, I didn’t post a review on Dermaglow’s eye cream as it has since been discontinued.

Perricone MD Advanced Eye Area Therapy

Perricone MD Advanced Eye Area Therapy

This is in the same price range as Claudalie’s eye cream but I found it didn’t make much of a difference. Through my eye care journey, I have found that serums aren’t as effective as eye creams and eye gels.

Algenist Firming & Lifting Eye Gel


I tried this after having unsuccessful results with the Perricone MD eye serum and found this to have better results at a cheaper price.  It was very effective at reducing puffiness, managing dark circles and I saw subtle differences with the fine lines around my eyes.  I was almost about to re purchase, until I was introduced to Claudalie.

Claudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream


This is the eye cream I am currently using.  I noticed a difference within days.  I find it’s reduced the appearance of fine lines, where I see less creasing around my eyes.  It also effectively manages dark circles and puffiness.  I have recently repurchased this for the second time.

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