Dieting vs. Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is a lifestyle.  Generally, sustainable weight loss happens at 1-2 lbs a week, anything more is probably the result of a crash diet.  If you go on an unrealistic diet, you’ll never be able to maintain the weight loss and it’s very probable that the weight will come back even worse.  To maintain a healthy weight, it’s not about going on a diet and losing weight, instead, it’s about losing and maintaining the weight loss by incorporating REALISTIC lifestyle changes.

I started incorporating lifestyle changes in my early 20s.  As I age, my metabolism has slowed down, so over time I’ve had to incorporate more changes.

Below is a list of 10 things I’ve incorporated into my daily lifestyle that have over time helped me lose and keep the weight off.

  1. Eat healthy during the weekdays, cheat on weekends.
  2. Make a healthier choice with your daily coffee – instead of cream, get milk and reduce the amount of sugar, your palette will get used to it.
    • For someone who enjoys a double double, try getting 2 milks, 1 sugar.
    • I’ve recently cut out sugar completely from my coffee and tea.
  3. Portion Control – reduce your portions.  You see, the more you eat the more your stomach expands, meaning your appetite increases.  Try reducing your portions – in the beginning you’ll feel hungry, but after a few days your stomach shrinks and you feel less hungry.  (I am by no means promoting anorexia, I’m talking about healthy portions and not overeating.)
  4. Stop buying junk food and start buying healthy snacks, so when you’re snacky, you only have healthy options to go to.
    • Rice crackers & hummus, turkey kolbasa, fruits, carrot/celery sticks & baba ghanoush for dipping, nuts are good options.
    • If you really are going to need chocolate to satisfy that afternoon craving, opt for dark chocolate.
  5. Instead of coffee for your afternoon break, try green tea – it has anti oxidants and helps boost your metabolism.
  6. Try avoiding carbs, especially at night time, and when you do opt for carbs, choose gluten free carbs like potatoes and rice.  I find gluten makes me bloat more and I hold onto fat around my lower belly area.  By reducing it, I’ve noticed my stomach is flatter.
  7. When eating carbs, reduce its portion – load up more on the veggies and meat.  This way you’re satisfying your carb craving, without indulging in it.
  8. Pick lower calorie options for when you’re boozing – I do vodka, soda and lime.  If you find that too bland, mix in some fresh mint and it kinda feels like a mojito!  I also like Ciroc Coconut on the rocks.
  9. Drink plenty of water – it helps you stay full throughout the day.  Staying hydrated with water throughout the day also means you’ll be drinking less soda and juice.
  10. Don’t skip breakfast.  It really is the most important meal of the day and helps boost your metabolism.

What are some things you’ve done to change your daily eating habits?  I’m always looking for simple ideas to lead a healthier lifestyle.  Please share your ideas in the comments section.

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10 Comments on “Dieting vs. Eating Healthy

  1. Awesome blog Priya!!! I am a huge advocate of low carb diet and Leslie Sansone workout videos. Try her 3 mile from youtube. You’ll see the difference in 7 days.

  2. I’ve only just found your blog so I’m sorry if you’ve already discussed this but when you say you ‘cheat’ on weekends, do you still keep track of the nutritional value (fat, calories, protein etc) of what you eat for the most part?

    • Don’t be sorry, I love questions and comments. No I don’t. I let myself eat what I want, but since I’ve been eating healthier, my body doesn’t crave as much junk.

  3. Hey. I just started reading your blogs today. …Love them by the way!… i was just wondering, would you say a vega shake in the morning as breakfast would be a recomendable option also? (I started following you in IG and i mentioned in a comment that ive been sttuggling with weight loss for awhile ever since i got married)

    • Thanks for the follow! Vega shakes are a great option. You can have it with just water but I prefer adding fruit, chia seeds, etc cause it’s more filling and delicious. I also eat egg white veggie omelette with no salt and hummus on the side in lieu of ketchup.

    • I’m planning on doing a post with recommended healthy breakfast options. Breakfast is a challenge, especially if you’re on the go!

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