Life After Laser Eye Surgery

pros and cons of laser eye surgery

I first started wearing glasses when I was 9 years old.  Fast forward two years, it went from wearing them occasionally to see the chalkboard, to all the time. When I was 14 years old  I got braces and I asked my dad to get contacts. He originally said no and told me to wait it out. But once I laid it out to him, “Hey Dad, please don’t let me be that girl with glasses and braces” (Yes, that was me!), it didn’t take long for him to buy me my first pair of contacts.

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My Toronto Fashion Week Lookbook

Last week marked the unveiling of the Fall/Winter 2016 collection of Canadian designers at Toronto Fashion Week. Check out my looks from Day 1 to Day 5 below. What’s your favourite look? Comment below!

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Three Ways I’m Making The World A Better Place

I’m by no means a model citizen. I’ll leave the water running while I brush my teeth (due to my sensitive teeth the temperature needs to be just right), I get lazy and don’t always recycle and too often fall into the material web of lusting over all things couture.

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What’s Hot/What’s Not


Sophia Webster vs Valentinos


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I’m soooo over the rock stud Valentinos. Everyone and their dog are wearing them and there are 100s of knockoffs. If you really want to make a shoe-statement this year, Sophia Webster has tons of fun, flirty and futuristic designs that are sure to stand out in all the right ways.

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The Best Gift I’ve Ever Given My Nieces


I have three beautiful nieces. The eldest Amiya is 9, then there’s Ayanna, age 5 and the youngest Aileen, whose 16 months. My sisters and I had very humble beginnings and I strongly believe that our drive, ambition and appreciation of our blessings is attributed to that.

My nieces are the first children from both sides of the grandparents, so it’s only inevitable they are showered with gifts. I too was guilty of spoiling them, getting them egregious gifts, despite my sister insisting that they don’t need anything. It didn’t matter to me, I wanted to get them the best gift every year.

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