How To Keep Cool In This Hot Real Estate Market

Let’s be honest, with the rising prices of real estate, a thought that has crossed many people’s minds is, “How will I ever afford a place of my own?”

There are many people who are still waiting for the “bubble” to crash and refuse to commit to buying a place. I’m sure that if you’re one of them, prices have continued to increase while you’ve been waiting. As an investment professional and a person who follows the real estate market closely, I always tell friends and family (especially those looking to buy their first home) that if you plan to live in a particular area, it will be a market adjustment and your home value will increase again commensurate with the cost of living- even if the market “crashes”. Read More

How To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

All doctors will tell you that there is no way to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and that they’re hereditary. A good indication is if your mom got them during pregnancy or if you got them through other means throughout your life.

By way of genes, both my mom and sister didn’t get them, so I was safe there. But I have some major tiger stripes on my bum from my growth spurt back when I was 15 years old – so being prone to them was definitely a concern for me. In addition to being prone to them, my mom and sister’s husbands are less than 6 feet tall and all their kids averaged less than 6lbs at birth, while my husband is over 6’7″ and was born a sizeable 10 lb baby (eek!). I thought to myself, boy or girl, Akhil’s offspring will likely not be under 6 lbs, which means my belly will likely do more stretching than my mom’s or sister’s ever did! (In case you’re wondering, my baby girl was 7 lbs). So I was determined to do whatever I could to prevent stretch marks and am happy to say that this time around, I was spared…almost. At my 8 week check up with my OBGYN, what I thought were clogged milk ducts, she chuckled at my self diagnosis and pointed out that they were in fact faint stretch marks on my boobs (damn nursing boobs!). I also know of women whose mothers got stretch marks during pregnancy, but by remaining diligent in their prevention care, they were able to avoid them. So for those out there that believe that perhaps we can prevent stretch marks, keep reading to see how I prevented them. Read More

Pre Natal Fitness – 2 Simple 15 minute workouts

pre natal fitness

While pregnancy is not the time to push yourself to the next level, there is no reason to stop working out while pregnant with the goal to maintain your muscle mass. In a previous post, we discussed 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Exercising While Pregnant. In this post we’ll be giving you sample workouts you can do while pregnant.  Read More

My Labour & Delivery Story

Around 32 weeks, call me a bad mom to be, but I was over being pregnant. I had horrible heartburn where even water would trigger a fiery wrath all through my insides. I couldn’t eat any of my favourite foods – Indian, Hakka, Italian (pizza included). I had horrible rib pains where I couldn’t sit for longer than an hour without having sharp pains, so going out to nice dinners or for a movie were out the window. I was desperately hoping upon full term (37 weeks) she’d come out at any time. Read More

Nursery Tour

I’m 38 weeks and counting down the days until my baby girl arrives! Believe it or not, I’m actually looking forward to labour pains to commence, just so it means that she can make her big debut. Hospital bags are packed, nursery is set up, now  all we need is a baby. And so we wait, as patiently as possible, although, “How to induce labour naturally” is probably my top google search at the moment.

In the meantime, I’m delighted to share my nursery with you all. Read More