Why I Decided To Shave My Daughter’s Head

When I think of Indian beauty, the first thing that often comes to mind is beautiful, long, thick hair. A tradition across India is to shave a child’s hair so that it comes back thicker. While some people do it for religious reasons, there’s definitely an aesthetic purpose behind it as well. I always thought that this was a cultural thing unique to Indians, but after shaving my daughter’s head, I learned that it’s a tradition among the Chinese and even some Italians! This tradition has one belief in common, that if you shave your child’s head, their hair will come back thicker. With a saying such as, “your hair is 90% of your selfie”, no wonder there’s so much fuss about hair! But the real question is, does shaving your baby’s hair make it thicker? Read More

The 411 On My Hair: All Your Hair Questions Answered

I get a lot of beauty related questions, messages and DMs, but if there were one topic I get the most questions on, it’s my hair! People will ask me where I get my haircut from? Who colours my hair? What colour is my hair? How would I describe my haircut? I answer all of your questions in this blog post, so keep reading if you’re curious! Read More

Mascara 101: 5 Tips To Apply Mascara Correctly

how to apply mascara

A while back I did a post on Common Eye Make Up Mistakes, where I briefly touched upon the topic of applying mascara correctly. This step in applying eye makeup is so crucial, that I’m dedicating an entire blog post to it. I’ve seen way too many people get this step wrong and I’m hoping to set the record straight on mascara once and for all! Keep reading for 5 tips to apply mascara correctly! Read More

Ziana’s Winter ONEderland

I still can’t believe my baby girl is ONE! Her birthday party was SNOW much fun! True to my type A personality, I started researching ideas for her birthday party when she was only a few weeks old. When I saw the Winter ONEderland theme, I fell in love. Being she’s a December baby and we live in Toronto and all, the concept was so fitting.

Now, before you begin scrolling, I know that this doesn’t look like a typical first birthday, but in my culture, it’s very common to do big first birthday parties. Punjabis will find any excuse to have a big party and if surviving the first year of parenthood doesn’t call for a celebration, then what does?

When planning her birthday party, I really wanted to make it feel as if you’re walking into a Winter Wonderland, complete with cute little details throughout. Thank you to Karma Design for helping bring my vision to life. Read More

DIY 1st Birthday Photoshoot

DIY 1st Birthday Photoshoot

If you’ve been following along on my Instagram, you’ll see that I really enjoy doing Ziana’s monthly and special occasion photos. Last Christmas, my husband gifted me a lens for our camera and it was a total game changer. Not to mention, the gift was very timely, considering we were expecting our first child in December. Some of my monthly pictures turned out so great, that I had friends ask me if they were professionally taken and that’s when I realized, hey, maybe I have a hidden talent here – like baby photography perhaps? As time passed, my confidence behind the lens grew and so I decided that I would take on the challenge of doing a DIY 1st Birthday Photoshoot. Read More