Best & Worst Places To Shop Online In Canada

best and worst places to shop online in Canada

I have a bit of a shopping problem, but due to my busy schedule, my shopping problem has turned into an online shopping problem. Luckily for you, this online shopping problem means that I have ordered from enough places to advise you what the best and worst places to shop online in Canada are.

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My Labour & Delivery Story

Around 32 weeks, call me a bad mom to be, but I was over being pregnant. I had horrible heartburn where even water would trigger a fiery wrath all through my insides. I couldn’t eat any of my favourite foods – Indian, Hakka, Italian (pizza included). I had horrible rib pains where I couldn’t sit […]

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I’m Happily Married and Hate Valentine’s Day

In my early teens, when I would dream about how magical my first kiss would be (it’s ALWAYS awkward!)¬†and how I’d fall in love with the one and we’d live happily ever after, days leading up to Valentine’s Day would be secretly wishing you’d get roses, chocolates or even a candy gram from a secret […]

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