Trend Alert 2015: Has Contouring Gone Too Far?

before and after contouring

The BIGGEST trend in make up right now is contouring.  It can completely transform one’s face – make you look thinner, give the appearance of a smaller nose, a smaller forehead, give you higher cheekbones and more defined collar bones, even accent your cleavage – where basically you are no longer YOU!  Some crazy before and […]

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Studio Sessions with BeautyCubed


I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot over the holidays working with some very talented people. The vision for the shoot was to portray the essence of my blog – Beauty, Brains & Bourbon – where you can be pretty, witty and smart all at the same time.  If you’re wondering…why bourbon? Well what better than […]

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False Eyelashes for Dummies

Falsies – the right pair can instantly bring your whole look together, open up your eyes and give you that touch of glam when you really want to make a statement. Below I share some tips that I’ve learned through trial and error that took me from being a rookie to a self proclaimed expert at applying them.  I give some […]

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Red Lips are for Everyone

Red lips – the iconic glamorous evergreen look that never goes out of style.  I often hear people say, “I love the look, but I can never pull it off. Red lipstick doesn’t suit me”.  I too used to feel like this, until I started experimenting with different red lipsticks.  Red lipstick is for EVERYONE, […]

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Birthday Style Watch – the 30th edition

I turned 30 this past week and celebrated this weekend with a surprise birthday dinner followed by drinks downtown.  Since I didn’t know what was going on, I wanted an outfit that could go with the flow but still said birthday girl at the same time.  For my 30th birthday, I wanted a look that was sophisticated yet […]

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5 Minute Make Up Face

Despite being a make up junkie, I don’t like wearing a full face of make up daily, yet I want to look presentable for work. I also love sleep…which means I’m usually rushing to get ready in the mornings. So it’s only natural that I had to come up with a quick morning make up fix. Keep reading […]

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