How To Find The Right Foundation

how to find the right foundation

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve recently been in the market for a new foundation. I’m an Indian girl with a yellow undertone and am most recently switching from full coverage to light coverage foundation. Despite all the efforts from brands to become more inclusive with their shade range, there is […]

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My Foundation Free Daily Make Up Routine

foundation free daily make up routine

My make up routine is always evolving and now that I’m back to work after maternity leave, I’ve recently switched it up again. I don’t like to wear foundation daily as I find it’s very heavy and can clog pores, and prefer a foundation free daily make up routine instead. I have two routines, the […]

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Mascara 101: 5 Tips To Apply Mascara Correctly

how to apply mascara

A while back I did a post on Common Eye Make Up Mistakes, where I briefly touched upon the topic of applying mascara correctly. This step in applying eye makeup is so crucial, that I’m dedicating an entire blog post to it. I’ve seen way too many people get this step wrong and I’m hoping […]

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5 Ways To Elevate Your Make Up Game

How to elevate your make up skills

My make up routine is constantly evolving. I’m trying out new products, old and new make up trends, playing trial and error, so I can bring you products and make up tips that are worth your while. Check out 5 make up tips on how to take your make up to the next level.

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False Eyelashes for Dummies

Falsies – the right pair can instantly bring your whole look together, open up your eyes and give you that touch of glam when you really want to make a statement. Below I share some tips that I’ve learned through trial and error that took me from being a rookie to a self proclaimed expert at applying them.  I give some […]

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5 Minute Make Up Face

Despite being a make up junkie, I don’t like wearing a full face of make up daily, yet I want to look presentable for work. I also love sleep…which means I’m usually rushing to get ready in the mornings. So it’s only natural that I had to come up with a quick morning make up fix. Keep reading […]

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