How To Get Beach Waves For Thick Hair

how to get beach waves for thick hair

Beach waves are the most coveted hairstyle of the moment and it takes a certain technique to master the look. I’d see all these girls with not so thick hair with the most perfect beach waves, but I couldn’t quite get it right with my own hair. I’d even go to the hair salon and although my hair came out looking great, it wasn’t quite the look I was going for. I then took it upon myself to figure out how to get beach waves for thick hair. Keep reading for a step by step and product breakdown for how to get beach waves for thick hair.

Get The Right Haircut

I can’t stress enough that to get this look, you have to have the right haircut. I detail my¬† haircut in a previous post. It’s important to have either long layers, or one length and blunt ends.

Balayage Adds Dimension

Although not necessary, having some colour, specifically the oh so trendy hand painted balayage technique, will give your waves more dimension and that unkempt look.

Prep Your Hair

Blow dry your hair straight with a round brush, being careful not to use a hair straightener. A hair straightener will make your hair too silky. In order to achieve that beachy boho look, your hair should have a bit of a rough texture to start.

Use a Hair Wand

How To Get Beach Waves For Thick Hair

The best way to achieve this look is by using a hair wand. If you don’t have a hair wand, you can use your curling iron like a hair wand by wrapping your hair around the barrel, leaving the clip intact. The size of the barrel also matters. For long hair, a larger barrel around 1.25″ is best, while for shorter to medium lengths, use a medium size barrel, such as 1″.

Section Your Hair & Curl Outwards

Section your hair and select strands about 1/2″ wide and curl outwards, away from your face. When wrapping your hair around the barrel, leave a bit of the hair towards the top out, as well as half an inch of your ends. With this look, you’ll notice that the top half of the hair and the ends are always straight. This is key in achieving the look. I always start from the bottom layer and work my way up, then to the sides and the finish off with the crown. I currently use the largest barrel of the Leyla Milani Triple Threat Curling Iron.

Apply a Flexible Touch Hair Spray

How To Get Beach Waves For Thick Hair

I like to lightly spray a flexible touch hair spray as I complete each section. I am currently using Tres Semme Tres Two ultra-fine mist hair spray that gives superior hold, with touchable feel.

Apply Dry Shampoo For Volume

How To Get Beach Waves For Thick Hair

Dry shampoo is such a saviour for so many reasons. Not only is it good for those greasy days, but it instantly adds volume. I like to apply Dove Dry Shampoo towards my roots and a touch throughout my waves to give some volume. Dove has a regular dry shampoo and this Volume dry shampoo. This one leaves more of a white residue, so be careful when applying. If you get white residue, work the residue into your hair with your hands and it’ll go away.

Finish Off with Texturizing Spray

How To Get Beach Waves For Thick Hair

Setting your waves with texturizing spray is very important in getting that messy look. Texturizing spray seperates your waves and gives your look exactly what it’s intended to do, texture. I currently use Shu Umera‘s Texture Wave Dry Finishing Spray.

Optional – Brush Your Hair to Loosen the Waves

This step is totally optional, but if you find that your waves are too tight, don’t be afraid to brush out the waves to loosen them. The day I style my hair, my waves are usually tighter and then the next day when I brush my hair, the waves loosen. I like the gradual progression of this style – as each day passes, the beach waves evolve, while still maintaining the look you’re going for.


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