The 411 On My Hair: All Your Hair Questions Answered

I get a lot of beauty related questions, messages and DMs, but if there were one topic I get the most questions on, it’s my hair! People will ask me where I get my haircut from? Who colours my hair? What colour is my hair? How would I describe my haircut? I answer all of your questions in this blog post, so keep reading if you’re curious!

My Hair Needs Isn’t One Size Fits All

I don’t go to a single person for all my hair needs. I have one person who styles my hair, another who cuts my hair and another who colours my hair. I find that everyone has their respective strength. Also, I’m really picky – so yeah.

Who Cuts My Hair? Jessica from Parlour Salon

Who Colours My Hair? When I went really blonde, I went to Melika from Studio M Beauty, but my most recent colour is done by Renee from Salon Wisp

Who Styles My Hair? Justine from Blo Oakville

I Switch Up My “Glam Squad” From Time to Time

No disrespect to any one in my current “glam squad”, but I believe that when you’ve been going to the same person for many years, you kind of get stuck in a rut. They end up giving you the same-ish hair, cut, colour and style. I believe that this happens because you’re both comfortable with each other and get used to the style you’ve been doing and whenever you go in, you just refresh what you’ve been getting done. When I feel like I want to switch up my look or I’m going through an “ugly” phase (am I the only one who feels blah about their look sometimes?), I start looking for someone new. Finding someone new is a scary process as they can totally mess up your hair. Before making the switch, I put a lot of thought and research into it. If I like the way someone’s hair is cut, coloured or styled, I’ll ask for a recommendation. If I’m going rogue without any recommendation, I’ll do some research on the web on local hair salons. Lastly, thanks to the Instagram, if I see local hairstylists whose work I like, I always follow their Instagram page. I’ll look through all their work, and keep following them for a while so I can see what they post to their stories too. Following hair stylists on Instagram gives me the opportunity to see their work over a longer period of time as well as keep an eye out to see if they’ve done looks that I like or want.

Details On My Haircut

During the summer of 2015, I remember I kept wanting to achieve that beach wave look and despite always going to stylists and asking for it, it wouldn’t come out looking the same. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, until my friend told me that I need to get the right haircut for the look. Back then, while I still had long hair, I was getting long layers at the back and then a bunch of face framing layers throughout the front. What I was left with was a kind of vshape at the back, so although my hair was long, it wasn’t full from the bottom.

You’ll see that my top layers are much shorter and then I have length coming from the bottom layer.

That’s when I decided to switch my hairstylist and found Jessica from Parlour Salon. She’s considered the Queen of long/thick hair cuts – and OMG I love her! When I first sat down with her and explained the look I was going for, she explained to me that we need to work on getting rid of the V shape at the back and give me fullness at the bottom and finish off my ends with a blunt cut. Because I was completely changing my haircut (I know I know, I didn’t go from long to short, but believe me, it was a change for me), this was going to be a work in progress. I’d go back to her every 4 months and by the third haircut, we ended up cutting off a couple more inches than I had intended on doing, just so I can finally get the haircut I wanted.

This is when I took the plunge and cut 3 inches off to get the haircut I wanted once and for all. Note the fullness at the bottom and the blunt ends.

A year later, I decided I wanted to grow my hair super long. Lately it’s the longest it’s ever been. But as my hair grew really long, I noticed that it had soooo much weight and just looked like a big mane. I realized that once you cross a certain hair length, you need to texturize the ends. So for my last haircut when I went in, we ended up thinning out my hair a bit (which I totally needed because the length and the weight were taking over my face) and she cut some very subtle face framing pieces and texturized the ends. It was exactly the haircut my hair needed to achieve that super long look I’ve been going for.

Since it’s much longer, I’ve thinned it out a touch and texturized the ends, as well as have some very subtle face framing pieces

Jessica from Parlour Salon is the only person I trust to cut my hair right now and highly recommend her.

How I Got My Hair Really Long

My hair is the longest it’s ever been. Prior to this, my hair would have a max length and I wasn’t able to grow it longer. Although it took some time, I was able to grow it long by changing up my haircut, getting regular trims, going back to darker hair, hot oil scalp massages and hair masks.

With my previous haircut, my hair would get thinned out so much that my longest bottom layer kind of looked like a rat tail. So eventhough my hair would grow long, since it wasn’t full at the bottom, it wouldn’t appear long and full at the ends. Also, due to the thinning, it would start fraying and look really damaged, so I was constantly having to cut inches off each hair cut.

I get a haircut every 3-4 months. The best way to grow healthy hair, is by getting it trimmed regularly.

Two years ago when I went really blonde, as much as I loved it, it really damaged my hair and there was a max length my hair could be at that colour, so my journey to repair my hair started with going back dark.

While on maternity leave, I really took advantage of the fact that I didn’t have work the next day and the day of or day before washing my hair, I’d heat up some coconut oil and massage it into my scalp. Then, I would apply a hair mask all over to repair my hair. I used a combination of Olaplex no 3 (the take home treatment), Wella Luxe Oil Keratin Hair Mask and most recently added Garnier’s Goji Extract 1 minute hair mask. I try masking my hair at least once a week. If you really need to repair some serious damage, you can leave Olaplex in your hair overnight. Be careful not to do that with other hair masks though because they deeply condition your hair and can leave your hair very limp. For overnight treatments, you can do coconut oil, Olaplex or other treatments that specify they are overnight treatments.

olaplex no 3

Wella Luxe Oil Keratin Restore Mask

Fructis 3 in 1 Goji Extract

Details On My Hair Colour

I find that one solid dark colour really drowns me out, so I wanted to get some very subtle warm brown balayage to give my hair some dimension. I wanted the colour to look good with my hair styled straight, wavy or curly, so it was important that it was more of a melted balayage look and not too light. If I go too light, there would be too much of a contrast between my base and my colour that when I straighten it, it would look ombré.

My recent colour was done by Renee at Salon Wisp in downtown Burlington. During my consultation, she was very direct and honest as to what she could deliver. I showed her many examples of what I wanted, but she explained to me that all those pictures are an ash brown which would first require stripping my hair to a light blonde, and then toning it to an ash brown colour. My goal here was to NOT reverse all the work I had put into fixing my colour damaged hair, so she explained that balayage is more of a warm colour technique and she can make me red. Red?! RED?!?!? I was so excited going in and so quickly my spirits were dampened upon hearing the colour RED. Luckily, what she saw as red, I saw as a warm brown/caramel. She took me down 2 levels, so very minimal damage to my hair.

For upkeep, I use shampoo and conditioner for colour treated hair. I’m currently using the Davines’ MINU line.

Davines Minu Shampoo and conditioner

If I feel that my hair is looking brassy, I’ll use purple shampoo to cancel out the orange. My go to purple shampoo is Schwarzkopf Color Freeze Silver Shampoo (the actual shampoo’s color is purple though). With balayage, the colour oxidizes over time, so it will get lighter over time. I’m really loving how this colour has settled in and lightened over the past month.

Schwarzkopf Silver Shampoo

I was going to talk about how I style my hair and what products I use, but this blog post was getting way too long as is. Would you be interested in a blog post about how I style my hair and products I use? Let me know in the comments below!

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    • It’s been a total lifesaver for restoring my hair from when I went super blonde!

  1. Such a lovely detailed post. Jessica did a great job with your hair, and porbably why its so important to consult someone who knows their trade well. Coconut oil and a proper massage has helped my hair a bit, but they still need so much work! Going to try your tips and tricks.

    • Yes, Jessica has a sixth sense when it comes to understanding my haircut needs! Thank you!

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