5 Ways To Elevate Your Make Up Game

How to elevate your make up skills

My make up routine is constantly evolving. I’m trying out new products, old and new make up trends, playing trial and error, so I can bring you products and make up tips that are worth your while. Check out 5 make up tips on how to take your make up to the next level.

1 – Beauty Blender

beauty blender

Most make up aficionados are probably on this bandwagon, but in the event you are not, if there’s one thing you take away from this post, this should be it. Once I started using the Beauty Blender, I never looked back. Unlike a foundation brush that can leave you with a streaky application, with a beauty blender, foundation comes on evenly, leaving you with an airbrushed finish.  It’s great for all skin types. If you tend to have dry skin, you want your foundation to come on more dewy, so it’s best you keep your sponge more moist. For those with combination to oily skin like me, for a less dewy look (because instead of dewy you’ll just end up looking greasy), pat dry the sponge more so it’s drier. An added bonus is that you need to use much less product with a beauty blender than a brush. For those who splurge on their foundations – saving product is major key!

Check out a great video tutorial here. Please note, I don’t put the foundation directly onto the sponge, I pump a couple of drops onto my hand, dip and then dab. It’s all a matter of personal preference.

2 – Baking


Baking – the guilt free version, without the added calories.  Disclaimer – this isn’t for an everyday look, I only do this when I’m getting really dolled up. If you’re wondering why you’re not able to get your contour to really stand out, the solution isn’t necessarily to add more contour. Instead, I recommend that you try baking your face, so it allows the areas you want to highlight to stand out more. Baking is a technique where you let translucent powder sit on your face for five to 10 minutes, which allows the heat from your face to set your base foundation and concealer, and then dusting it off your face, leaving you with a creaseless, flawless finish.

Everyone has their own technique for baking. My steps are as follows:

  1. Moisturize my face
  2. Apply primer
  3. Apply my NARS’ All Day Luminious Weightless Foundation in Tahoe all over using a beauty blender
  4. Apply a sheer concealer which is one to two shades lighter than my foundation with a concealer brush and highlight under my eyes, the bridge of my nose, forehead and sometimes above my jawline and then blend using the beauty blender. I’m currently  using MAC’s Select Cover Up concealer in xx.
  5. Lightly dampen the tip of my beauty blender, dip it into NYX’s Colour Correcting Powder in Banana (great colour for olive and darker skin tones) and lightly press the powder into the areas I just applied concealer. Note  – I don’t press too much powder on, as I don’t like my baking to look too drastic.
  6. Let the powder bake 5 – 10 minutes as I apply the rest of my make up – contour, eye make up, etc.
  7. Lightly brush off the excess powder with a powder brush.

Check out one of my favourite videos that show you how to bake here.

3 – Fan Brush For Highlight

fan brush

To really accentuate my cheekbones, I like to apply a highlight shimmer powder along my actual cheek bone. I recently purchased a flat fan brush and I love the control it gives me when applying the shimmer highlight. It allows you to zero in on the area and gradually apply to give you the perfect touch of glow. I am currently using Becca Cosmetics Champagne Pop and Quo Professional’s Fan Brush.

4 – Dip Brow Pomade

dip brow pomade

Dip brow pomades are a 4-in-1 product for your eyebrows. It works as a brow primer and provides color, sculpture, and shading. Not to mention it lasts all day. I’m currently using Anastasia’s Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown. I recommend going a few shades lighter than your actual eye brow hair colour, as the pomade is buildable and a darker colour could look very harsh on your face.

5 – Lip Liner

lip liner

One of my pet peeves is when I see a girl wearing lipstick without using a lip liner. There are so many benefits to using lip liner. To keep your lipstick from rubbing off, colour in your lips with the lip liner (obviously a colour that compliments the lipstick you are applying) and it will help keep your lipstick from smudging. Lip liner also helps your lipstick from bleeding (when your lipstick smudges onto your face) and allows you to accentuate your natural lip shape – giving you a fuller pout and a more defined cupid’s bow. Next time you apply lipstick, spend a bit of extra time lining your lips and even dare to go outside your natural lip line. You’ll have a new appreciation for your pout!

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