The Guide to Perfect Eyebrows

As eyebrow guru Anastasia Soare will tell you, brows frame the face and make a world of a difference in how a woman looks. In fact, when Beyoncé was transitioning from girl group to her alter-ego Sasha Fierce (now Queen Bey), she relied on Damone Roberts, the King of Eyebrows to transform her brows. Damone Roberts charges $150 plus for an eyebrow tweeze and up to $300 for house calls. For those who don’t have that kind of money, I’ve put together a guide to perfect eyebrows.

Wax, Tweeze or Thread?

Waxing tugs the skin and leads to sagging as you age. Not to mention, if the esthetician places the wax in the wrong place, you’re at risk at losing an entire chunk of your eyebrow. As a result, waxing is the least desired means to groom your brows.

Threading and tweezing allow for more precision. With threading, you can remove many hairs at once, while tweezing removes one hair at a time, the former being perhaps less painful. The recommended approach is to do a combination of both. Thread to clean the messier areas and apply the finishing touches using a tweezer.

Enhance your natural shape

Damone Roberts’ is known for his unique technique of carefully studying each client’s facial features. Sure, Megan Fox and Beyonce’s eyebrows look great, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best shape for you. Eyebrows are not a one size fits all deal, they need to match an individual’s exact facial shape, not someone else’s. Take Carla Delevingne, Audrey Hepburn and Jennifer Connelly for example. They all have a unique eyebrow shape that frames their faces perfectly. Rather than trying to recreate your eyebrow shape, work with your natural shape and enhance it.




Thin Eyebrows were never flattering even when they were in style

Pencil thin eyebrows are never flattering on anyone. Even Angelina Jolie took note and has now plumped up her eyebrows. If you’re a victim of over plucking or a bad brow job, try rubbing castor oil over your eyebrows or sparse areas to expedite hair growth.



Color Them In

Coloring them in is a total game changer. But be careful, there is such thing as over coloring. You want to enhance the shape without making it look too harsh and looking drag queen esque (for a better lack of words). To color them in, I use MAC’s eyeshadow pot in Brun and apply with MAC Brush no 263. I prefer coloring them in with a shadow over a pencil as I feel it’s buildable and you have more control. I then tame the stray hairs using a clear mascara. You can buy the fancy brow kits with the wax, but I find clear mascara works just fine.




IMG_6706You Get What You Pay For

If you’re not an eyebrow guru yourself, I recommend investing in your eyebrows. I’m not saying spend $150 to get your eyebrows done, but if you’re spending $2 to get your eyebrows done, you’re getting a $2 service. Places like these make money from volume, so their focus is quantity, not quality.

BeautyCubed Tip:

Nestled away in Yorkville is home to PIR Cosmetics, where resides Toronto’s own Eyebrow Guru, Franchie Pir.

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