Corporate Fashion Do’s & Don’ts

Corporate Fashion Dos and Don'ts

We’ve all seen those women (and men) wearing not so appropriate attire going to work and thinking to ourselves, What “office” does she (he) work at dressed like that? As a Senior Manager at a large Canadian bank, I strongly believe that you dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Sure, if you do a good job and you don’t dress particularly sharp, you’ll keep your job. But if you have any ambitions to move up the chain, take a look at your bosses and see how they’re dressed – that should be an indication of what success looks like. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of 10 Corporate Fashion Do’s and Don’ts.

Please note, this is a general guideline and there are always exceptions for every industry. However, following these for a corporate environment will definitely not lead you astray.

1) Do invest in a good suit

As a hiring manager, nothing leaves a worse first impression than seeing a candidate in an interview without a suit jacket. That is why investing in a good suit is of utmost importance. Maybe you can’t afford multiple good suits, but make sure you have at least one that fits you well and has a quality thread count.

2) Don’t wear 6 inch heels

There is such thing as too high when it comes to heels in the office. I don’t recommend going higher than 4 inches. Six inch heels especially, have a platform in the front and can give off the wrong impression. Sure they can be pretty, but save them for a night out.

3) Do ensure you iron your clothes

How you present yourself is an indication of how you handle your work. Wrinkled clothing looks messy, sloppy and careless – which is never a good thing if people are assuming that’s how your work will translate to.

4) Don’t do heavy make up

I love getting dolled up, a heavy smokey eye and falsies, but there’s a time and a place for everything. Keep your make up more soft and stick to neutrals.

5) Do Mix Highs and Lows

What I mean by this is, if you’re going to wear a short skirt, pair it with opaque tights and a long sleeve blouse. If you’re going to wear a sleeveless blouse, tone it down with a midi skirt or a pair of pants.

6) Don’t mistake Jeans Fridays for Casual Sundays

Just because your office allows you to wear jeans on Fridays, doesn’t mean that all of a sudden a sweatshirt and runners are appropriate. Pair your jeans with a professional blouse, a blazer and cute flats. Be mindful that you’re still at the office and jeans can still look professional.

7) Don’t wear corduroy pants – ever!

There’s a reason that corduroy pants were in style in the 90s and never made a comeback, because they’re ugly and unflattering. If you’re still holding onto them hoping they’ll come back into style, or worse, wearing them thinking they’re still in style – do yourself a favour and burn them or cut it up and make a quilt out of it. They’re inappropriate, because simply put – they don’t flatter anyone, EVER!

8) Don’t wear long sun dresses

Sure they’re long, so they are work appropriate, right? WRONG! They’re made for weekend brunches and vacations, not for the office. Dresses for the office should be more structured and made of less flimsy fabrics.

9) Don’t wear Flip Flops

If you wear them over for your commute, that’s fine. But make sure you leave a pair of appropriate work shoes (see appropriate heel above) in the office so that you can change into them as soon as you arrive.

10) Do Accessorize

The easiest way to spruce up a work outfit is to accessorize. Bold necklaces and earrings can add a bit of flair and show off your sense of style.

I know there are more don’ts than there are do’s, but that doesn’t mean corporate style still can’t be fun and fashionable. I teamed up with RW&Co to share 4 corporate fashion do’s, proving that office wear and style can go hand in hand.

Corporate Fashion Dos and Don'ts

Wearing RW&Co camisole in white, midi skirt in pale pink and mesh white sweater in lieu of a blazer, Tom Ford Sunglasses and YSL Purse.

Corporate Fashion Do's and Don't

I absolutely love this RW&Co sweater – it’s so versatile and slimming. This RW&Co skirt is the perfect shade of pink and a must have in any summer wardrobe. Wearing Christian Louboutin shoes and Movado Watch.

Corporate Fashion Do's and Don'ts

Keep your make up soft and subtle for the office.


This RW&Co ensemble is chic, yet so comfortable. These tapered floral pants are a must have in any wardrobe. Hermes Belt, Tiffany & Co Necklace, Michael Kors Watch, Chanel Purse, Stuart Weitzman Shoes.


This white camisole is a perfect staple piece that will carry you from season to season. It goes with everything and I love the fit.


Keeping it professionally stylish in this all white ensemble by RW&Co. Makes a perfect canvas to highlight some of my favourite accessories, such as Tom Ford Sunglasses, Chanel Purse, Hermes Belt and Christian Louboutin Shoes.


A closer look at this RW&Co checkered mesh sleeveless blouse. The checkered mesh gives a simple silhouette the perfect touch of flair.


These RW&Co culottes are the ultimate combination of comfort, style and class.

Corporate Fashion Do's and Don'ts

RW&Co nails it with this ELLE by RW&Co dress – that can take you from the office to a night out.

Corporate Fashion Do's and Don'ts

I love the crochet details, giving the evergreen pencil dress the perfect update. Wearing Bitter Sweet Necklace and Banana Republic Pearl Bracelet.

Corporate Fashion Do's and Don'ts

It’s all in the details – the loose sleeves along the side give you a glimpse of a gorgeous soft pink slip. Wearing Christian Louboutin Shoes.

In collaboration with RW&Co,  Alfaaz Photography and Seher Studio. A special thanks to La Castile.

4 Comments on “Corporate Fashion Do’s & Don’ts

  1. Amazing tips, Preeya. Thanks for sharing. I absolutely love all your corporate looks, you look gorgeous. 🙂

  2. I don’t agree with you completely. There are many tech companies based downtown that has a casual dress code. It’s inappropriate to dress up formally in these work environments because you’ll stand out as being snobby or bratty. Bay Street doesn’t only mean banking 🙂

    • Hi Sara. I agree that this doesn’t apply across all industries and that’s why I made that disclaimer at the beginning saying it’s a general guideline and may not apply to all industries. I also mention that take a look at your senior management – if they’re all casual too, then chances are you can get away with casual. That being said, I don’t think dressing professionally should equate to snobby or bratty, some people just like to dress up more than others.

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