My Secret to Long Healthy Nails

Secret to Long Healthy Nails

After doing Shellac on my nails for my wedding back in 2011, my nails became very weak and brittle and would break once they grew to a decent length. I then started doing gel, however, because my real nails were so weak, the gel would start chipping after a week. Not to mention that gel refills take about an hour and set you back around $50! I then was determined to repair them. Keep reading to see how to grow long nails and repair your dry brittle nails.

My manicurist recommended Duri Rejuvacote which is strong enough to repair nails damaged from acrylic! In the beginning, I used it as a base coat and then applied it as a top coat daily. Once you start seeing noticeable results, you can start applying it as a top coat every other day.

Duri RejuvacoteLike all good things, this too takes time to start seeing major results. You should start noticing visible results in a month and your nails should be significantly better after 3 months.

I am currently using this as my base coat and bring it with me whenever I get my nails done. My nails have come such a long way that a manicure with regular nail polish lasts up to a week (if not longer). People often ask me if it’s gel or shellac. I’ll apply it as a top coat once or twice in between my nail polish change.

I bought this from my local nail salon but it’s sold everywhere online – just a quick google search away.

BeautyCubed Tip:

You only need a manicure if you have bad cuticles and hang nails. If you push down your cuticles regularly, the need for manicures will decline significantly. I usually just get my nail polish changed once a week where they cut, file, buff and apply nail polish. This runs me about $7-$10, much cheaper than Shellac or Gel! As a result, I only get a manicure every month or month and a half now. Also, the nail polish brand makes a big difference in how long your nail polish lasts. I love OPI, Deborah Lippmann and Inglot. I find other brands like China Glaze and Essie, although they have great colors, the nail polish chips much faster.

Duri Rejuvacote Review


Duri Rejuvacote Review


Duri Rejuvacote Review


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