My Lust List

lust list

A lust list is generally comprised of materialistic items that we swoon over and although we can’t currently afford it, it doesn’t hurt to admire from afar. These items aren’t necessary for our survival, but are totally necessary for that day we need to have dinner with the President, jet set to our yachts in St Tropez or walk down the Met Gala red carpet. So call it a Goal List if you will – comprised of items you google image search and take in while you window shop, all the while making a mental note of things you will acquire over time…or at least aspire to.

So what’s on my lust list? Take a look below.

Yellow Gold Rolex with a Diamond Encrusted Face


Go big or go home right? I have plenty of practical watches, if it’s going to make my lust list, it’s going to be a statement piece, a functional bracelet if you will.

Jimmy Choo Cinderella Shoes

Jimmy Choo Cinderella Shoes

Now where were these when I was getting married? Cinderella has always been no doubt my favourite fairy tale and what better way to marry my prince charming than in these shoes? I could however forgo losing my one shoe at midnight. I’d rather keep them where I like them – on my feet or safely tucked away in my closet.

Hermès Paperoles Shawl

Hermes Paperoles Shawl

I wear shawls all the time – at work over my outfits, on vacation when I need something light to keep me warm from the light breeze and over my dresses at a cocktail reception. As a result, an Hermès Paperoles Shawl is absolutely necessary in my wardrobe. True to Hermès’ exclusive nature, they’re only sold in France…so clearly I need to make a trip to Paris sometime soon.

Louis Vuitton Carry On

Louis Vuitton Carry On

As an avid traveler and a woman whose perfected how to pack light, it’s only fitting that I reward myself with the perfect carry on. Although I absolutely love their hard sided luggage collection, the carry on is more practical – alas, the banker in me is always looks at maximizing the utility of my dollar, even when it comes to my lust list.

KDIA Bolt Earrings

kdia bolt earrings

These 18K yellow gold earrings paved with diamonds are the accessory that will spruce up any outfit, casual or dressy. Everytime I’m putting on a pair of earrings, I can’t help but think – but those KDIA Bolt Earrings would go perfectly with this outfit…le sigh.

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