What Lilly Ghalichi’s Bare Faced Transformation Meant for Millions of Girls Worldwide

lilly ghalichi no make up

Glam Queen-Lashes Goddess-Anything but Basic, Lilly Ghalichi posted a video yesterday on Instagram to promote her online tutorial session with Samer Khouzami. He’s a world renowned make up artist who works magic on women, putting out the most dramatic before and afters of ALL on Instagram. Unlike most of her au naturale pictures where the lighting is perfect and posed perfectly to best compliment her features, or the usual promotional videos where you only get a millisecond glimpse of her before look, this promotional video clearly showed Lilly Ghalichi without make up – no filters, no angles, just her. Yes, if you have subscribed to her tutorials, then you’ve already seen her in this light before. However, this image is out there for everyone to see – no need to subscribe – with nearly 1.5 million followers on Instagram alone, you can imagine the reach. The video was then screen captured on phones and shared amongst friends, posted on Facebook and rather than the make up technique, what she looks like without make up became the basis of discussion for many. Another picture below.

FullSizeRender (2)

When I saw the video, I honestly felt better about myself. Not because it’s a competition, but because we are constantly bombarded with perfect images of celebrities and models in the media that seeing THE Persian Barbie having the typical flaws you see on everyday women – slight discoloration, dark circles – it made me embrace my “flaws” as well. I then shared the image with my best friend, and she too shared the same sentiment. And then it dawned on me…many other girls must be feeling the same. Unfortunately, the sentiment wasn’t shared in the same capacity as it was between my best friend and I, rather, it was shared with mean comments about how “scary” she is without make up.

Let’s be real for a moment,  NONE of us look our best without make up (if applied correctly) and to some extent look very different. We’re all in the same boat and posting a make up free picture on our social media is not one we do with much confidence. If we were to post a make up free picture with our measly 500 followers, maybe our friends’ circle would discuss amongst themselves, but they won’t dare post a rude comment. But when someone with 1.5 million followers posts it, millions are watching and thousands won’t hesitate to post rude comments. Suffice to say, IT TAKES GUTS.  This doesn’t surprise me though. This girl has always been upfront about her enhancements – her boob job, her nose job, her passion for make up to transform her and now she’s debating fillers for under her eyes – she’s upfront about what you see in media is more than what meets the eye.

So I’d like to recognize her bravery and although many of us won’t admit it, it for some twisted reason, made us feel better about ourselves. Thank you Lilly Ghalichi, maybe you didn’t mean to, but somehow, you sent a bit of that confidence you exude…my way.

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