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I still remember when I bought my first MAC brush. I was 16 years old and had a shopping mall gift certificate and of course wanted to splurge on something. I had started dabbling into blush and decided to purchase a blush brush. And so began my make up journey…

My favourite make up brush brands are MAC, Quo Professional Line and Sephora’s Professional Line. I recently purchased some from Motives and have liked them too. Quality brushes are important because they’re the tools you use to apply your make up – better tools lead to better application. I steer away from brush sets because I find that the brushes are cheaper quality than if you were to buy them stand alone. Below, I take you through my favourite brushes in my brush collection that I use when applying make up for a night out.

MAC Foundation Brush

I use this brush to apply primer all over my face and under my eyes to ensure my foundation goes on smoothly. I used to use this brush to apply foundation as well but have recently switched over to the Beauty Blender.

make up brushes

Beauty Blender

This really is a game changer! I use the rounded end to apply foundation all over my face and the pointed end to blend foundation in the hard to reach spots such as under my eyes and around my nose.

beauty blender

MAC Large Blending Brush

Sometimes foundations can leave a streaky finish. I use this brush to buff my foundation using quick, circular motions to give me an airbrushed finish.

make up brushes

MAC Small Blending Blush

This is a smaller version of the large blending blush (pictured above) and I use it to blend foundation/concealer in harder to reach areas of the face – such as under the eyes and around my mouth.

make up brush

Sephora Concealer Brush

Unlike the one above, I use this to apply concealer (as needed) for specific spots/blemishes on the face.

concealer brush

MAC Powder Brush

This brush is quite versatile. I use this brush to set my foundation with mineral powder, to apply blush to the apples of my cheeks as well as set my make up with Make Up Forever’s HD Microfnish Powder to give me a velvety matte finish.

Make Up Brush

MAC Angled Brush (For Eyebrows & Eyeliner)

I have two of these – one to color in my eyebrows and the other for eyeliner. To color in my eyebrows, I dip the angled brush into a eye shadow that best matches my eyebrow hair color and gently follow the shape of my eyebrows to give it a better shape. I prefer coloring my eyebrows using a brush/eyeshadow versus penciling it in because it gives you more control and is buildable.

make up brushes

You can’t re use this for eyeliner because when you dip it into your cake eyeliner pot it gets all the gunk on it and will transfer to your eyebrows. I’ve experimented alot with eyeliner brushes to find which works best for me. I recommend going to Sephora and playing around with their various brushes to see which one you’re most comfortable with.

MAC Blush Brush

I used to use this to apply blush, but now I use it to apply highligher to my face – along my cheekbones and my forehead. The flat head of this brush allows me to apply highlighter precisely.

make up brush

MAC Contour Brush

If you’re doing powder contouring, usually a brush with some kind of angle is required. I use this to apply contouring along my cheekbones, my jaw line and temples.

MAC Contour Brush

Motives Eyeshadow Crease Brush (For Contouring My Nose)

Since your nose requires more precise contouring, I use this brush to give me precision and control over contouring my nose. Although it’s an eye shadow brush, I use it exclusively for contouring my nose. I find that by reusing a brush that you used for eyeshadow, you run into the risk of the eye shadow color transferring onto your nose.

make up brush

Quo All Over Eye Shadow Brush

This brush is for multiple uses. I use it to highlight the bridge of my nose and my cupid’s bow above my lip as well as to apply primer all over my eyelids.

make up brush








MAC Blending Eye Shadow Brush

I love this brush as it can serve as the only eye shadow brush you need. You can use it apply eye shadow on your base, crease and under the brow for highlight.

best eyeshadow brush

Quo Crease Eye Shadow Brush

I actually have a MAC Crease Eyeshadow brush and prefer Quo’s over MAC’s. I use this if I want more prominent pigmentation of the color in the crease of my eye – usually when I’m going for a heavy smokey eye look. Otherwise, I stick to using only the brush above for more subtle eye shadow.

make up brushes

BeautyCubed Tip:

Don’t forget to clean your brushes regularly – you can buy soap especially for brushes, hand soap or even use shampoo – just ensure it’s gentle so it won’t dry out your brushes. For in between cleans you can use cleaning sprays or Purell Aloe Vera hand sanitizer. I’m currently using this travel size spray from Sephora that I picked up in the Beauty-To-Go section.

make up cleaning spray

If you have any questions or comments about my make up routine, don’t hesitate to comment below!

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