False Eyelashes for Dummies

Falsies – the right pair can instantly bring your whole look together, open up your eyes and give you that touch of glam when you really want to make a statement. Below I share some tips that I’ve learned through trial and error that took me from being a rookie to a self proclaimed expert at applying them.  I give some great tips on how to apply false eyelashes for a beginner, and a detailed video tutorial follows.

There are three things that you need along your falsies application journey.

1) The Best Eyelash Glue

lashes - glue

Like most make up artists, I swear by DUO Eyelash Adhesive. In my opinion, it is the best eyelash glue.  It will keep your eyelashes stuck on until you physically take them off, meaning no more mishaps during the night where an eyelash starts falling off.  The glue comes in two colors – clear & black.  I prefer the black as it blends in better with my eyeliner, so you can’t see where the eyelash was applied.  You can buy this from any Shoppers or Sephora.

2) User Friendly Eyelashes

My favourite pair of eyelashes are from Quo.  Quo is an exclusive cosmetics line by Shoppers Drug Mart and can be found at any Shoppers.  They’re great quality, have a good variety of styles and are very reasonably priced – around $8 vs. $19 at MAC.  I find them easier to apply and have a longer reusable life than MAC as well. I can reuse them up to 4 times.  The key here is that they’re easier to apply than many other competing lashes.  The qualities I find that make it easier to apply is that it has a thicker band along the lash line and are slightly more sturdier.  Flimsy eyelashes make it harder to apply it right along the lash line, resulting in a messier and tougher application.

My two personal favourites from Quo are as follows:

1) Quo’s Half Lashes – Flirty

lashes - flirty

These are great for someone looking for a more natural look.  They also happen to be the perfect lashes for beginners. I find that the most challenging part in applying lashes on yourself is when you get to the inner corner of your eye.  Because eyeliner should be applied gradually thicker towards the outer part of your eye, it’s important that full length lashes are applied right along the lash line towards the inner part of your lasheline.  With half lashes you have a lot more flexibility and mistakes can be covered easily with eyeliner.

2) Quo’s Full Lashes – Glamorous

lashes - glamorous

These lashes are still quite natural but give me a bolder than look than the half lashes.  This one has a thicker band for the lash line, making application much easier.

Note, I’m using Quo Lashes in Glamorous in the image above.

3) Patience

Lastly, all you need is patience.  You won’t get a perfect application the first time, but believe me, you can cover up any mistakes with some eyeliner and mascara.  Every time you apply falsies, you’ll get better at it.  You simply have to take a chance and keep trying.  No one became an expert at anything overnight.

For a quick tutorial on how to apply falsies, check out the video below brought to you by Beautee Inc.

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