Jennifer Garner on her NON Pregnant Baby Bump

My Woman Crush Wednesday goes out to Jennifer Garner.  Not only is she graceful, beautiful and talented, she’s also perfectly comfortable in her body despite being under the constant scrutinizing paparazzi eye.  She’s had three kids and recently has been in tabloids regarding speculation of her being pregnant with her fourth.  When confronted on The Ellen Show about the rumours, in a nutshell this is what she had to say about her NON pregnant baby bump:

“Yes I have a ‘baby bump’. Hold up, I am not pregnant, but I’ve had three kids and there is a ‘bump’. From now on ladies, I will have a ‘bump’ and it will be my ‘baby bump’ and, let’s just all settle in and get used to it, it’s not going anywhere. I have a bump, its name is Violet, Sam, Sera…”

We’re so used to seeing celebrities have babies and within three months bounce back or be in better shape than pre baby, that women around the world are now thinking that this is the reality.  Although we can derive inspiration from seeing women bounce back, one thing Jennifer Garner makes us realize is that entering motherhood changes your body for the better and she could care less what the media has to say about it!  A bump signifies that you have another being that is completely dependent on you and is your creation.  It’s not just about the bump, but the confidence, strength, wisdom and selflessness that comes with it.  It’s a glow in her face and the aura she exudes – the beauty of a mother.

A #WCW shoutout well deserved.  Check out the full interview on Ellen below:

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