Instafamous don’t pay the bills

We’ve all come across these girls on Instagram while browsing through the explore section.  The ones who post half naked selfies, like a picture of their round ass in a G String with a caption like “Hard work pays off”, or lying in bed in nothing but their bra and underwear saying “Rise and grind”.

Yes, I’m sure they’re beautiful and have incredible bodies, and by showing their body off with cute captions, you get a bunch of horny teenage boys following them commenting on how beautiful they are.  The more half naked selfies they post, the higher their follower count goes – from 500 to 5,000 to 50,000 and suddenly they’re INSTAFAMOUS!

What a great way to get famous right? And if you’re instafamous, you must be rich and famous right? Au contraire my friends, most of these women are hoping to get noticed and their only goal is to become famous using their looks.  Most aren’t getting paid posting pics, but they see it as an investment hoping for one hell of a return.  But what happens if they don’t get a return on their investment and they have to get a JOB? Like a proper, professional job?  Any decent employer during the hiring process will research their candidate. Let me tell you, as a hiring manager myself, half naked selfies don’t leave a good impression. And don’t think that what you’ve posted on the internet won’t linger around after you’ve deleted it!

Do these women not realize how many doors they are closing for themselves?  What I don’t understand is, that women have worked so hard to gain equal rights, have a right to education and break glass ceilings, all so that we’re not just constantly objectified.  Yet, I’m seeing the future generations completely regress and only use their looks as a means to an end.  Why did our ancestors work so hard then?  Being sexy and men finding you desirable is great, but you can have that, while still having career goals – just a thought.

I’m not here to preach or tell people how to live their lives, or how to present themselves on social media.  I’m just sharing my opinion, much like The Game did with a track he released back in 2006 – one of my personal favourite tracks of all time. So for all you half naked instafamous girls, check out the song he dedicated to you – enjoy!

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